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Lyme and other chronic illnesses can wreak havoc on the body, throwing multiple systems into chaos at once. Unfortunately, many Doctors only run basic labs or make a diagnosis based on your symptoms and then prescribe medications that only cover up your symptoms. This makes it hard to know the root cause of your symptoms because it’s never just one thing nor are the causes always obvious.

In this comprehensive 180-day (6-month) program, we’ll look beyond what basic labs look for. We’ll use the latest and most reliable functional lab tests to get to the cellular level of why you’re experiencing the symptoms you’re experiencing. Running a total of seven labs and one online assessment, we will look for imbalances across your entire body, including your:

  • hormones,
  • adrenals,
  • gut health/pathogens,
  • detoxification and drainage pathways,
  • minerals,
  • digestion, and so much more.

We will also look at things such as:

  • food sensitivities,
  • inflammatory problems,
  • mitochondrial health,
  • neurotransmitter health,
  • cellular oxidation, and
  • toxic burdens such as heavy metals, environmental stressors, and mold.

Once we identify EXACTLY where these hidden stressors lie, a clear path to healing emerges so we can create a customized healing protocol specifically tailored to you.  But that’s only part of the healing journey we’ll take together. Many people reach the point where they need an expert to help them pull all the pieces of the puzzle together and then show them how they can achieve relief in a simple, step-by-step manner over time. And because everyone’s healing journeys are different, limiting the amount of support you give someone is the opposite of the goal I’m trying to help you achieve. Therefore, throughout this 6 month program, you’ll also have unlimited coaching and support from me too.




As soon as we decide to work together, I’ll get the functional labs shipped to your doorstep and get you set up on our client portal where you’ll find a few quick intake forms to fill out and send back. The client portal will be how we share information and communicate for the remainder of our time together, including webcam sessions, messaging, scheduling, and document sharing. Rest assured that your privacy and the information shared between us are of utmost importance and the client portal we use is 100% HIPPA compliant.

DAYS 2-5


Once I receive the completed intake forms, we’ll have our first session to go over the information, talk about your health goals, how to take the labs, and what to expect moving forward. I’ll also give you some things you can start doing immediately to begin feeling better…NOW!

DAYS 6-14


Once you receive the labs in the mail, you’ll want to complete them and send them in ASAP. We’ll also have our second session during this time to see how you’re doing and if there are any questions. And of course, if having more than one session during this time is what you need, you’re always welcome to private message me through the client to set up another call.

DAYS 15-21


By now you’ll have results back from the two diet tests and will have begun implementing the recommendations. You’ll also be seeing and feeling how the simple recommendations I gave you during our first session are having a positive impact on your health.  We’ll have as many sessions as you need during this time to go over the diet recommendations and begin honing in on your customized health-building protocol.

DAYS 22-30


Now the real fun begins.  You’re beginning to feel even better now after implementing the diet recommendations and are excited to see what else we can improve on.  We will review your remaining lab results and start talking about your long-term action plan for health and well-being.  

DAYS 31-180


Over the next 90 days, your symptoms will start disappearing as you continue to implement the customized protocol that I created for you. We will meet for a session every two weeks, or as often as you like over the next five months to monitor your progress, make any tweaks necessary and provide you with encouragement, accountability, and any resources necessary for you to continue to be able to successfully achieve your health goals.

DAY 181


You did it!  And you’re happy and proud to have taken your power back knowing you have, and always have, all the tools needed to create long-lasting vibrant health for yourself and your family.  You’re astonished by how simple it becomes once you know how to get to the root cause of your symptoms…and with a little hard work…how to fix them.  We will have our final session at this time to go over your progress and any final questions you might have.  Also, if you want to do additional testing to dig deeper or talk about your interest in becoming a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner, we can talk about that too.

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